About Us

Anza Now is a full service executive recruitment agency that focuses on supporting high growth,
entrepreneurial companies across Kenya and the East Africa region.

About Anza Now

Anza Now was established in Dec 2018 through the personal experiences of our founder, Bobby Gadhia, as a solution to the growing gap between top talent and employers.

Bobby is a first-generation, self-made Kenyan Entrepreneur who started his first business, PC World Ltd in 1995 at the age of 22 with only $20. By 2015, PC World had attained Super Brand status and was Leader in the IT Industry in Kenya.  Over the years, he founded & sold-off various businesses.

Having interviewed thousands and employed hundreds of candidates over the years, Bobby like many Entrepreneurs & Companies was frustrated with the recruitment process.  The biggest challenge was dealing with recruitment firms who “claimed” to understand the companies HR needs and after spending several hours in meetings with him and his HR team, would come back with CV’s that did not match the requirements. In fact, in most cases, they were far-off from what was discussed.  It was frustrating, time-consuming and not solving the problem to say the least. He also discovered that most of the owners of those recruitment firms had NEVER run their own businesses and were therefore not able understand the pain-points that employers go through.

This is what inspired him to establish Anza Now Ltd.

With an eye for talent as a long-time employer and his entrepreneurial experience, he guides his team by providing them with valuable insights of how employers think, the challenges they face and the solutions they seek. This gives them the competitive differential advantage over other firms. 

The Brand

The Name

  • The Name Anza Now stands for Start Now. Whatever you want to do or achieve, START NOW. Don’t procrastinate or delay. Just do it! It also means, New Beginnings or Start Afresh. We chose the word Anza to signify our roots as a Kenyan Company.

The Shape

  • Our Logo signifies a Puzzle or The Rubiks Cube – meaning we connect the pieces (puzzle) or we solve problems (the rubiks cube)

    So by connecting candidates to employers, we are solving big problems for both parties. Puzzles and Cubes can be difficult to solve, but we are doing our best to solve the problems in the shortest time and most accurate way possible

The Colors

  • Blue– Signifies Integrity, Professionalism, Success

    Red, Yellow, Green – represent the colors of a Traffic Light, meaning moving forward from a stop…

The Caption

  • Uplifting Lives – everything we do, we ensure will have a positive impact on the lives of all the stakeholders involved – our consultants, candidates, employers, suppliers, etc.

Our Team

Bobby Gadhia
Founder & CEO

Bobby is a first-generation entrepreneur and has over 24 years business experience in the East Africa Region, where he has operated businesses in various sectors ranging from ICT, Real Estate, Business Consultancy and Recruitment Services. He is also the founding member and past Chairman of the Retail Trade Association of Kenya and a past Board Director of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Kenya Chapter. Bobby holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Bobby is very passionate about entrepreneurship, governance and continuous self-development in his personal & professional life.  He is also the Head of Sales & Business Development for CIM Credit Kenya and Board Services East Africa, trading as Sirdar Group.

Sameena Cockar
General Manager

Sameena has a strong Corporate background with over 20 years experience in the Aviation Industry.  She was a key decision maker and influencer during her tenure in Revenue Management at British Airways where she handled Pricing for 9 African Countries. She has vast experience in Ticketing, Customer Service, Relationship Marketing. Sales and Revenue Management. Sameena also has a passion for helping others and actively volunteers in several local charities that are committed to making a difference in the lives of local communities. She truly lives the core value of Anza Now, which is…. Uplifting Lives