Candidates Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT is made the DAY of registration

1. ANZA NOW LIMITED of P.O. Box 2609-00606 a company registered in Kenya under number
PVT-27UAXD8W whose registered office is at Rivaan Centre, Off Brookside, Nairobi (“the
Agency”) and

2. Name of Candidate of Address (“the Candidate”)

(1) The Agency is the business of recruitment of personnel and placing potential candidates with businesses for Engagement (as defined below) within the Republic of Kenya.
(2) The Candidate appoints the Agency to introduce the Candidate to Client/Employer (“the
Services”) and the Agency agrees to provide such Services for the duration of the Agreement and upon the terms and conditions in the Agreement.

1. The Candidate shall be required to provide details which shall include, but not be limited to, those regarding their contact information, qualifications, training, experience, employment history and references.
2. The Candidate must ensure that all information submitted to the Agency is, to the best of their knowledge, true, accurate, complete and up-to-date.
3. When applying for a vacancy, the Candidate must ensure that they:
3.1 have read the complete details of the vacancy;
3.2 understand the requirements of the vacancy;
3.3 meet the requirements of the vacancy;
3.4 possess any requisite qualifications required by the vacancy; and
3.5 have obtained or applied for any relevant permits or authorizations.
4. The Agency shall not be liable for any of the following:
4.1 The loss of any data, CV’s or other materials submitted by the Candidate;
4.2 Any errors or inaccuracies present in the information presented to Candidates including, but not limited to, vacancy advertisements;
4.3 The failure of the Candidate to secure employment with any of its Clients whether caused by the negligence of the Agency, its employees or agents, or any other cause;
4.4 Any loss or damage of any kind, howsoever caused arising out of the negligence, misconduct, dishonesty, breach of faith or breach of contract on the part of any Client; and
4.5 Any loss or damage of any kind, howsoever caused arising out of any material submitted to
the Agency by the candidate.

5. The Commission payable by the Candidate to the Agency upon successful placement with a
potential Client/Employer shall be:

5.1 Calculated as xx% of the Gross Salary and monetary benefits (the Commission) upon receipt of their first salary payment (unless other prior arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon);
5.2 The Candidate shall issue a post-dated cheque in favour of the Agency for payment of the Commission; and
5.3 In the event the Candidate is made redundant or leaves employment within a probation period (for any reason whatsoever) with any Employer with whom the Candidate is placed by the Agency, the Commission will still be payable by the Candidate to the Agency.
6. The Candidate irrevocably authorises the Agent to contact the Employer with whom the Candidate is place for purposes of collecting the Agency’s commission.
7. The Candidate undertakes that they shall at all times keep confidential all information contained in this agreement.
8. The Agency reserves the sole right and the discretion to decline to forward applications to its Clients.
9. The Candidate acknowledges and confirms that they were advised by the Agency to obtain independent legal advice and that by executing this Agreement, the Candidate hereby confirms that they have had the opportunity to seek independent legal or professional advice prior to executing this Agreement, and has either: a) obtained such legal or other professional advice; or b) waived the right to obtain such independent legal or other professional advice; and c) they have signed this agreement on their own free will and accord.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Agreement has been duly executed the day and year first before written.

Bobby Gadhia
for and on behalf of Anza Now Ltd
In the presence of
Name and Address of Witness

SIGNED by the Candidate << name of Candidate>>
<<Full name and Address of Candidate>>
In the presence of

Name and Address of Witness